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Twig Fertility

Twig Fertility

An ongoing support contract to help an up-and-coming fertility clinic keep their data organized.

Data, automated

We took a 2 stage approach to automating a large portion of Twig's backend.

  1. Understand the needs, current methods, and design a new system.
  2. Build, test, and iterate on a solution that satisfies all the needs.

The result was a fully automated patient intake pipeline (compliant as well!) that allows Twig to easily analyze and segregate their incoming patient data.

"Lazy Maple collaborated well with us to identify and, most importantly, understand our needs. They were able to implement solutions that were quick, simple, and compliant - and they didn’t oversell us on anything unnecessary! We will certainly work with them again in the future."
Tanner Kohara, CEO Twig Fertility